Friday, June 15, 2007

Smooch Boy was supposed to call "late this week," and he did not. My friends are already calling "douchebag." I know he's out of town, too, not that he bothered to tell me since we made sort-of-plans last week. Over a week ago--that's kind of far back in Guy Time, no? God forbid you remember a gal for 10 days.


So instead of Smoochy, I made plans with a Jguy tonight--someone I haven't mentioned before; I'll call him Forgotten. I guess I emailed him a couple weeks ago, when I was going through that mass email attempt to spice Jthings up a bit. We've been emailing some now, and he seems like a decent guy, but now he's canceled on me for tonight because of work interference.

A conspiracy, I say! Against Cute Jewess!

Alright, maybe not. But can this girl get a date please? Harrumph. Next on the roster will be Pig-Nose, who isn't at all pig-nosed, so I'll just call him PN. Meeting him next week. I kinda like this guy so far on IM, but will I find him cute? Something about his pics makes me wonder. Also, he's short.

Smooch Boy's just so cute. Will I ever see him again??
It's not looking so good right now!

--Cute Jewess


sexagenarian and the city said...

you called him Pig Face the last time you mentioned him, and i cracked up whenever i read that.

Loverville said...

Oh yes, feast or famine.

As I always say -- there's an erosion of manners due to internet dating. I know, Smoochy is a Real Live Guy -- still.

acaligurl said...

dbag. lol!!

what is it with these guys that cancel with "work" its like they can't come up with something more original? i say this because other blogs say the guys use the same reason (excuse??)

Keith said...

@acaligurl: Umm, sometimes because it really is work that forces us to cancel?

acaligurl said...

@keith, ok so then why don't they call to reschedule? i imagine that you cannot stereotype excuses but this comes up on blogs regularly.
its not a conflict for me... i'm married. but it sure is a common complaint from other women.