Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Smooch Boy thinks I'm sweet. And I must say, I agree with him :) But we'll get there.

First, the set-up. If y'all are thinking that Loverville and I are two sexy, single gals about town, slaying them in the streets with our every're probably not that far off. This is mostly due to LV's talent for making friends--friends with good parties. I just show up and flash a little leg.

I got tipsy pretty fast, I think because I'd had a small dinner and a drink before the party. The crowd? Cuter than I thought it would be. The drinks? Delish. The music? Utterly danceable (and we did!). The temperature? Hot Hot Hot! LV says my tiny dress is flattering without being too short, and so I will trust her judgment.

I met Smooch Boy at the bar. I will tell you--I am horrible at starting flirty conversation while waiting for a drink. But there we were. Waiting. And waiting. And there was Smooch Boy, not realizing we were next, trying to get his own drink. I may not be good at initiating conversation, but I am awesome at standing up for myself. I let Smooch Boy know he wasn't getting a drink before us. I may have threatened to slap him. (I was tipsy! I was obviously kidding!) Anyway, Smooch Boy kept me talking to him. All of the sudden, I was flirting. Smiling coyly. Putting on the lip gloss. Pouting. Smooch Boy totally called me on it. "You know what you're doing," he said, as I put away the lip gloss. "It's not about the dress," he said. "It's not about the lip gloss. You're as attractive as anyone here. Do you know that?"

Wow! Now that's a nice compliment! But you know guys--they'll say anything to get in your Internet-voted-on panties.

LV went off with a friend, and I stayed with Smooch Boy. We talked some more. "You're not tough at all," he told me. (After all, I had threatened to slap him silly.) "You're very sweet." Well, duh! He wrapped an arm around my waist, and then he kissed me. Now, if he'd had his way, I have a feeling Smoochy's tongue would have eagerly introduced itself, but we were right there in front of everyone. At a crowded party. I'm just not a huge fan of full-on making out in full view of a packed house. So I let him kiss me chastely, twice.

He has my phone number. We'll see if he calls. I don't know that we're a perfect match relationship-wise, but he would make a fun fling, I do believe :)

After all, he's pretty sweet himself.

--Cute Jewess


jgo said...

Very nice! I am jealous.

Was this party at a bar or an apartment? What was smooch boy's relationship to the crowd?

Jody said...

Ooh, sounds hot!

Heather said...

LOL--I love how you write!! I'm on the edge of my seat reading your post! hehe and living vicariously through you since i've never experienced the days you are having! Wow! That actually sounds awesome--and yes pretty hot! :) You go girl, who knew lip gloss could be such a turn on lol