Monday, June 18, 2007

Okay, Pig Face needs a new name. Because that's just the very first thing that popped into my head when I saw one of his pictures, and now I've seen him in person. And also made out with him. Let's call him Aggressive, or Aggy for short so I can type less.

LV asked why I hadn't blogged about him yet this weekend. Truth be told, at some point I was more excited to write about my new junk food find: Snickers Brownie Ice Cream Sandwich than about a perfectly good date with Aggy. I believe, though, that this fact may more reflect how friggin' awesome the ice cream sandwich is than how lukewarm I'm feeling toward Aggy.

Also, I suspect Aggy's a blog reader. I don't know about dating blogs, but I think I should be careful. Been there, done that, rejected the T-shirt offer. So let's just say Aggy is aggressive physically, but a good kisser. I wouldn't let him do much else--back to the usual Cute Jewess, at least for now! I wonder if he'll call. If he does, then he wants to hang out with me. If he doesn't, then he was probably just looking for some action. To be continued!

This weekend, Smooch Boy also seemed to insinuate that he wanted to see me in the coming week. And, duh, he said it very sweetly. I'm wondering if this one's all talk...

Let's also add Hot Piece to the list of fellas. I saw him on Jdate for the first time this weekend, and he's HOT, cultured, and seems to be fun. Even LV found him attractive when I sent her his profile, and we very rarely share the same taste in guys! He wrote back and asked for my phone number. Um, yes please!

Another Monday, another cap on a weekend of NYC single life. Now, what will the week bring?

--Cute Jewess


jgo said...

Sounds like a pretty good weekend. I didnt have any dates this weekend :-(

Youre a lucky jewess. Did he ask you to go further physically or just put hands where they shouldnt be? What was the locale of this making out fest?

Loverville said...

That is one damned good-looking ice cream bar!

Heather said...

LOL you're great! I will be keeping that icecream bar in mind for my next cheat!! :D

As for the guys--I think you're doing a great job going with the flow! and i hope you're having fun while you're at it!!

I hope smooch boy doesn't turn out to be an ass!

acaligurl said...

hmmm snickers bar sounds FAB OO LUS!

anne said...

have you tried the bite sized candy bar ice cream - they come in a 4 pack and snickers is one of them. they are awesome and one is the perfect size with only 3 grams of fat.