Monday, August 06, 2007

And already there's a new J-update!

I had delightful phone conversations with Big Smile and Forgettable, and we've got dates set up. And I cut Pretentious and Latin Lover loose on IM. I've been through enough awkward dates now that I'm trying to trust my gut more when it tells me it's just not going to be worth it. There was also some cute texting with Car Guy, and I'm sure we'll meet up at some point.

--Cute Jewess


Heather said...

that's great! :) looks like you're getting the hang of this! :)

umm...wait a minute, how did Latin Lover end up on Jdate? LOL

Best Friend said...

Your guts are to be trusted!!!!

Have fun on all the new dates. And if he's a bad kisser, no matter how sweet/nice/ loves kittens/ is a doctor.... LET HIM GO!

You cannot try to put him through the rehab, he won't go, go go, ok? Good kissing is a must, like intelligence, chemistry and good humor.

jgo said...

Sounds like Forgettable needs a new name.

Also, I notice you txt a lot with guys you dont know well. I thought girls dont like that. I went on a date with a girl recently. Is it appropriate to txt with her before I call her and ask her out again?

Also another girl from jdate gave me her phone number. I called her, we talked, it was good. Then I txt'ed her and no response (my phone did indicate it was delivered to handset). So I called her two days later and we had another delightful phone convo, no mention of the txt. Does this mean she doesnt acknowledge txt messages from guys shes never met?

Cute Jewess said... to the specific instance, just let it slide. Who knows?

I don't text with a lot of guys I don't know well. But I also like text just fine--for flirty chit chat, cute funny messages. Not important stuff.

pt said...

jgo, i am a girl and i think guys should call like a normal person. i find text not just teenagerish but passive-aggressive. text, e-mail, etc are good for communicating in a business context and in an emergency and with people you don't especially like. half the time, you can't even understand what the person is saying.

it is hard to generalize, and it's fine if cj likes text, but many girls don't. if you want to ask this girl out again, just call her on the phone.

molly said...

Right on PT....

Best Friend said...

^^ Word up Molly and PT.

Text me to say you got home, or to confirm that you're waiting on a specific corner to meet up. I can't handle text chatting...also could be that my fingers aren't fast enough to text.


RH said...

I'm with CJ on the texting. J-Go (not sure if you're still reading this thread) but I have a few girlfriends whose phones actually don't allow texting. So if she never mentioned it, she probably literally doesn't have texting capability on her phone. I have some guy friends also without it.

But for me, yes when something turns into a serious convo or something, then yeah you gotta speak. But I love texting b/c it's a multi-tasker's dream--to be able to communicate with someone while still doing something else, and not have to commit to a phone convo, to me is aweosome and just makes the overall composition of my day better. I love snarky, flirty repar-tee with my significant other. When I'm watching a movie in another state with my mom and my boyfriend texts me "Just passed Crocodile Lounge and thought of you" it absolutely makes my day. Or the better "gnite my darlin" right before I fall asleep..priceless. yes, save the serious convos for speaking/person, but texts are delightful for the girl on the go. Plus I don't really like chatting on the phone unless we REALLY CANNOT meet up---girlfriends AND guys alike. I left that behind in middle school.

b said...

Let me reiterate what has already been said. Yes, in this day and age there are people without text capabilities on their phone and I have many friends who don't know how to use it, don't want to and wouldn't know if they got one where it would be or how to read it let alone reply. It's just not part of their communication repertoire. That doesn't make them behind the times, just particular about how they communicate. Don't read too much into the text/not text.

I thought the same thing: Latin Lover (Jewish?)

Cute Jewess said...

There's a significant Latin American Jewish population.