Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Ugh. I can't help but keep wondering: Does Big Smile liiiiiiiiiike me?

I've seen him once since the lovin'. It was...nice. It was fine. We hung out. Had a good time together. But he wasn't affectionate at all. Barely even touched me. I kissed him chastely a couple times--and he seemed to respond. I mean, I do know he finds me attractive. Thinking back, this might just be his temperament. The time he was most touchy-feely was when he was pretty darn drunk. But still, a big part of me can't help wonder: Is he just not that into me?

I've been trying to prepare myself for the "You're really cool, so can we be just friends?" conversation. I would hate that conversation so much. I like this guy. Kind of a lot. He makes me smile; he's goofy but also tough. Metrosexual enough, but still manly. Smart, cute. Oy. Also, I don't know when I'll be able to see him again. He's out of town this weekend, and our date the next week probably has to be rescheduled.

So there you go. I'm left to wonder. For a while.

RH thinks it's too early to be worrying about this stuff. She and I stayed out real late last night hanging out at a couple of our regular bars. Total fun! Between her new beau and my many recent dates, I hadn't seen her in ages! She kept saying over and over not to worry about Big Smile. But still...well...I am.

Also, RH said to me almost right away, "You look super skinny." I looked a bit perplexed. "I'm the same as the last time you saw me." And then I realized. It's the jeans. I told her that, showed off the enhanced tush, and she was suitably impressed by my new magic dungarees. And don't worry--if you're still dying to know what they are, you can email me at and I'll tell ya. :)

Update: Best Friend thinks BS likes me. But not as much as I like him. That's pretty much my worry.

--Cute Jewess


jgo said...

He's probably not into PDA.

pt said...

Hmmm. This should not come as a surprise. After the conquest, guys know you expect a relationship, so they don't want to lead you on. (How kind of them!)

I quote you to you. You wrote this several days ago: "But right now I'm not sweating it. I'm not sure this is the guy I want to have a relationship with, marry, etc. etc."

And yet now you are worrying you like him more than he likes you.

Sorry, 'cuz I know what that's like.

Fool's Gold said...

"Is he just not that into me?"

Um, probably not. How old did you say you were? And you've been dating guys for how long?

No offense*, honey, but the guy's already banged you, so the fun's over for him. His emotional deflation is completely in line with 98.6% of guys. You need to focus on finding the 1.4% of the MEN, who don't operate this way. Here's a hint: Don't have sex so soon.

*"You know, for a minute there I was offended. But then you said, "No offense," so now everything is cool." - Artie Lange in Beer League

Cute Jewess said...

Ugh. "No offense" is a pet peeve of mine. It basically says: "I'm going to say whatever I want however I want to, but I'll qualify it so you don't think I'm a douche." I'm not saying that's the case with your comment--just my general feeling about "No offense."

Also, duh. Every woman knows not to have sex too soon. That's not some rare font of advice. To me, BS seemed to be one of the 1.4% of good guys. And my track record of finding those guys/judging their character has been pretty good. Everyone has an off day, though, when it comes to character judgment.

Cute Jewess said...

Actually, nevermind. I reread your comment, and yes, I'm saying that's the case with your comment. Is the content objectionable? No. But it's said totally douchily.

Fool's Gold said...

I know and I'm sorry. But think of me as the Ice Cold Bucket of Reality. I am willing to sacrifice your feelings--and your impression of me--on the altar of intellectual honesty and empowerment. I truly want to help you figure this out, even if it means being sharp at times.

(And I love the word "douchily"!)

Cute Jewess said...

Nope, FG, doesn't cut it. Because the content--sex too soon, guys lose interest, etc--is obvious. For an ice bucket, you need to come up with a revelation.

And my feelings weren't hurt--I was just calling out that you worded your comment like an asshole. Only usually I use the word douche.

I'm honest all the time--but not in a way that reflects poorly on myself.