Friday, August 24, 2007

Yay. I gotta say, when you're feeling down, and a couple of your best girlfriends offer to take you out--well, that's a special thing. Best Friend, RH, and I met at one of my favorite local bars last night for dinner and happy hour. We talked a lot about the douchiness (hmm, new catch word?) of Big Smile, and how he's one of those dudes who thinks he's that rare "good" guy, but in fact, he's not so much.

Those dudes who have a self-image of being nice, good, rare, unique, etc. come on so promising at first. He gave a lot of mixed signals. He asked me on a date that was soooo something you should only do with a girlfriend (my girls will back me up on this), and then right afterwards complained that he "felt like he had a girlfriend." Um, dude. Why didn't you just ask me out for a drink, then? Like a normal date? Honestly, he's going to have a hard time finding someone better than me to hang out with. Maybe that sounds egotistical, but I know his likes, dislikes, and what he values in a girl. They're hard to find--and I fit the bill.

There are two other guys on Jdate I've been corresponding with during the whole Car Guy/Big Smile couple weeks, and I added another Jguy yesterday. But you know what? In the next week I've got tons of plans with friends, and I'm really looking forward to them. Big party this weekend, and 3 events next week that should be really fun.

As for tonight? I'm hoping to get to the gym. You know, to offset that pint of ice cream I treated myself to yesterday after getting slightly heartbroken.

RH and I shared a moment last night, as we were walking home from bar #2 of the evening. She said how happy she was to have me as a friend. Well, the feeling's mutual. Best Friend and RH really picked me up last night, and they rock. I'll be seeing Loverville soon too, and I'm sure we'll have a blast.

--Cute Jewess


Financial Artist said...

Good Friends + Gym = A smart plan.

BS is what his name indicates. Forget him. And you are absolutely correct that the prototypical guy "who thinks he's that rare "good" guy, but in fact, he's not so much" abounds!

I actually AM that guy, and there are SOOO many posers!

Heather said...

have a great time with your friends!! definitely the best medicine, and ice-crean too of course!

Best Friend said...

Yay to party and plans!

Boo to thinking you fit the will never "fit the bill" for an asshole. Banish the thought!

You fit your own space in the show that I watch regularly, "Cute Jewess takes Manhattan". It's a good show, gets great ratings, people like it (And her!)

Eff that BS.

doctorsquared said...

Enjoy your party this weekend! And have fun with the girls :)

Dating Trooper - Dating is Warfare said...

I too have been the unsuspecting victim (well, that word sucks but you know what I mean) of one of "those guys" who read -- and believe - their own press clippings. It probably doesn't make you feel any better but you are SO not alone in this experience. You follow their lead (accept dates, be nice, etc) and then they turn on you and say "hey, back off." Lame-asses....
Yay for good friends who actually mean what they say!
Have fun....

Loverville said...

Of course -- YOU rock as well!

Life's too short to deal with douche-ism! (unless you're talking about a shower in France)

Looking forward to fun parties with you this weekend, and finally meeting RH and BF! Maybe some Real Live Guys as well...?

yingerman said...

Oh come on all guys are, well guys! Their full-of themselves is just a cover, we all know this, in reality most guys are sissy's wgo have learnt the hard way to cover their lack of selves with either being douchy (I love it) or a jerk.

Miss Katy... said...

came across your blog randomly. good luck with your dating dilemma. i don't miss that at all!