Wednesday, August 08, 2007

It's interesting. On Jdate, you can either show when you are online--and that way folks can IM you--or you can hide when you're online. I usually keep my online status hidden. I'm not sure why--it feels a little uncomfortable to me to be so "out there." Even though I'm not sure what's so "out there" about letting people know I'm currently logged onto Jdate. Chalk it up to part of my shyness, I guess.

The thing is--and Loverville alerted me to this fact--when you hide your online status, very few people view your profile. So every once in a while, I put myself "Online" for a few minutes, and I get viewed by a bunch of guys, and almost always I'll get IMs, emails, and flirts out of it. Last night, I checked my "Viewed your profile" folder after being "Online" for a few minutes, and oh!!! Oh, there was this guy who'd never shown up in my searches before, even though he fit my criteria. He's so cute, and he seems literate, funny, sensitive, genuine, but also fun. I haven't been so excited by a profile in a while. So I emailed him. And I waited.

We'll have to call him Please Oh Please, because that's what I was thinking while waiting to see if he would write back. And he did, this morning. I was so psyched! So I saw he was "Online," and I IM-ed him. He didn't respond. Then he went offline. But Jdate tells me he read my message.

So. Will Please Oh Please (hee, should we call him POP?) write back again? Or will I wind up wondering what went wrong now?

I want POP to write me back...Please oh please!?

Update: Ugh. POP keeps logging in without writing back for a second time--doesn't look good. It's frustrating, because I just sense we'd be a great match. I'm everything he says he's looking for! Grumble.

--Cute Jewess


Best Friend said...

don't worry...maybe he'll write later.

And don't forget about Big Smile and Forgettable! So that POP dude is just an illusion as far as anything is concerned right now...

Heather said...

grumble is right! What is that about? I don't understand men! Ick. I hope POP writes back soon!

Cute Jewess said...

I know, I know. I've got Big Smile tonight, Car Guy Friday, and Forgettable Sunday. I'm booked! I can honestly say I've never had 3 dates in 1 week--but then again, dudes love to cancel.

But there's a unique excitement that comes with finding a new profile that seems just so perfect for you, despite the fact that it's a fantasy until you meet. AND there's a unique disappointment that comes when someone you could possibly like just stops writing for no discernable reason.

He's been logging in all day with no word, so I will wait some more...Maybe after a week or two goes by, I'll try again. Who knows?

Anonymous said...

It could be he feels just as you do about his profile, about your profile. But maybe he's bracing himself to contact you, for fear you might not be as perfect as you seem? In other words, it could be that he doesn't have a good shrink like you and can't deal with his "fear of success" anxiety as well as you can.

jgo said...

Cj -- Nice job booking up... you go girl? Do you really it online on jdate all day? What about work?

Anyway, did you IM POP right after he emailed you? Perhaps you scared him away a little by being a bit intense. You gotta play it cool, remember.

Cant wait to hear all about your dates.

Cute Jewess said...

Most of the Jdate IM-ing and phone calls I do take place at night. Emails during day. Not that much time taken.

And yes, I agree that maybe I didn't play it cool enough with POP. I'm usually pretty good at that, but I got excited.

I'll give it a week then write another email. He says he likes confident women, and I've used the strategy twice before of being really bold and saying, look, I'm great, take a chance. Once it worked, once it didn't. We'll see!

jgo said...

I like confident women who are straight forward also. I wish some girls like you would email me on jdate.

I just read your next blog post... sounds like a good plan to me.

Cute Jewess said...

Aw, thanks Jgo. From what I hear from Jdate dudes, it might be an age thing. The younger 20-something gals don't have great reputations on that site, from what I've heard. But hang in there--I have faith!

b said...

Thanks for sharing your (or LV's) insights as to what works,--as in gets your profile views,--with the on-line dating. Any little insight helps!! I'm considering going on-line myself and trying to have as much advance knowledge as possible. Unfortunately, not Jewish, or I'd sign up for Jdate through your site and get you a slice of the pie :)