Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Welllllll, last night was a surprise. Dang, the blog's getting juicy. Most of all for me.

See, the thing is, I felt very comfortable with Big Smile. Because we were both so physically chaste on our first date--barely cheek kissed goodnight--and because we'd both discussed how we like to take things slowly, I guess I let my guard down a bit. I gotta say, he doesn't seem like a douche. Big Smile seems like a nice Jewish boy--with an edge. Just how I like 'em.

By the way, we can add another sample to the Great Jewish Penis debate of a couple months back. Big Smile = Big...well, you know. Homeboy's hung.

No, we didn't have sex. When I tell a dude "No sex" before getting cozy with him, I mean it. But there was the "other stuff". And it was good. And no, don't even ask for more details. He's a fabulous kisser--definitely one of the best I've kissed. He's smart, funny, sweet, good to his family, sarcastic, a bit tough looking too. Not ripped, but fit.

Big Smile's also quite smitten with CJ. He thinks she's sexy. He likes her sense of humor. Just kissing her gets him "noticeably excited." She, apparently, talks about herself in the 3rd person and uses lots of quotation marks :-)

I will be very surprised if Big Smile just vanishes now, but with dudes you never know. That's one of the reasons I tend to take things slow--when you give a guy what he wants, a lot of times he'll disappear. BS doesn't seem to be that guy. We talked about seeing each other again as if it were inevitable. But until he calls, I'll be wondering a little bit.

Of course Smooch Boy's trying to set up a date now. And I've got Car Guy this weekend. I'm a tad overwhelmed, but I am not going to complain. For realsies.

--Cute Jewess


jgo said...

Nice going CJ. Sounds like you are finally meeting some quality guys.

Can I hijack your block for a question to you and the readers? What's the appropriate way to let someone down after you made out with them? I feel like you have experience with this. The other night I was out with a girl on a first date. I was in her parked car with her, and I was going to say goodnight give a cheek kiss and part ways but she hijacked it into full out kiss. We did end up making out a bit. I am attracted to her but not sure I'm into the whole package/i dont know if shes gf material. Should I go out with her again? Suggestions?

Cute Jewess said...

Jgo, why don't you start a blog? That might be a better place to ask all your questions.

I mean, just say--you're a cool girl, I had fun with you, but something's missing, and I can't quite put my finger on it.

Better sooner than later, that's the main thing.

jgo said...

Yeah, you think I should? Are there any good blogs out there likes yours but from a male perspective?

I wouldnt mind a smooch boy situation with this girl... I just couldnt see me being together with her.

Cute Jewess said...

I don't know--you'd have to look around to see what other blogs are out there.

Seems you have a lot of questions and areas you'd like to debate and get advice on, and it just seems that your own blog might be the best place, no?

Single Girl said...

jgo- I agree, why not start your own blog and see how it goes, if it doesn't work out, at least you tried! As far as this girl goes, are you not sure about her or have you made up your mind about her? If you're not sure about her, go out with her once more and then make up your mind, otherwise, I agree with CJ on how to let her down.

CJ- can't wait to hear how things go with BS, CG and SB!! No more details on BS, huh?

Best Friend said...

Well, it's about time on the Fabulous Kissing!

Oh L'amour! what's a girl in love supposed to do?
(hopefully you all know it's an erasure song)

Dating Trooper - Dating is Warfare said...

Score for CJ! Ah, yes...the Great Jewish Penis Debate of 2007, who could forget? Glad BS fell into the "pro" side of the debate. It's great that you have so many options....I wonder how will you react when/if things get physical with Car Guy on your next date? Can you mess around/get naked with more than one guy at a time? I've never been able to pull that off...not that there's anything "wrong" with it :-)

jgo: Just because you made out with her doesn't mean you are obligated to keep dating her! Just say, "Sorry but I think we're just not a match." As for other blogs written by guys, I've become kind of addicted to "Adventures of a Single Guy" (I link to it on my blog but I would NOT take his advice. He is pretty sleazy. Yet addictive (and kinda dirty) to read. Maybe read his archives and then do the opposite, eh? Good luck!

Heather said...

Well, you go girl! ;) I'm glad things are looking up for you...and most of all--you're having fun and making connections. This is a very good thing!!

Good luck and looking forward to more juicy CJ updates!


Michele said...

Can someone please direct me to the great jewish penis debate ... I missed that one and it sounds interesting : )