Friday, August 10, 2007

Big Smile texted me last night. At first, it seemed to be a friendly exchange rather than a flirty one. But text flirting is what's fun--text small talk is a bit eh. I ended my side of the back and forth with a joke that implied we'd see each other again. He wrote back "Works for me." So it would seem that he's interested in a 2nd date. He just hasn't asked me for one yet. And until the asking happens, all bets are off. I could have responded to his "Works for me" with a text smiley face or something, but I chose to let him have the last word. Still, would a guy contact a girl he wasn't interested in seeing again, the day after a first date? I would think no...but again. Dudes. Who knows?

So, here's my plan of action: If he doesn't get in touch again today or tomorrow, I'll send over an email or something. Since he was the first to get in touch, I think it's fine if I make the next effort. Right now I'm not sweating it.

And what about Smooch Boy? I caved and emailed him. He emailed back that he wanted to see me "asap" but that his life was pretty crazy right now. Whatever. His turn to get in touch. It's not like I'm dying by the phone for him.

I'm looking forward to meeting Car Guy tonight. If nothing else, I know it won't be a horror date. We've had a couple great phone conversations. Wish me luck!

--Cute Jewess


jgo said...

He didnt have the balls to use the phone?

Zaira said...
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Best Friend said...

Ok, Jgo touches on something that drives me bonkers...the texting proliferation that's going on here....Phone people! There's nothing wrong with talk flirting!

I like dudes to call me...that takes more effort.

Cute Jewess said...

I feel like we been done had this conversation already. Some people like phone. Some people like text. Some people like email, etc. etc. Different strokes for different folks.

Best Friend said...

I'm still with jgo...Big Smile lacks balls.

right after a first date, call the girl.

Shit, everyone, what happened to courtship?! Apparently dudes are reading Crunk and Disorderly, because the motto over there is Fuck Effort.

Cute Jewess said...

I will concede that I don't think romance is Big Smile's strong point. BUT he's a good guy whom I'm physically attracted to. For now, that's enough!! We'll see about the future :)

pt said...

what if big smile texted you and you didn't reply?

wasn't there someone here who mentioned a policy not to text with guys?

just a thought.

Cute Jewess said...

But I don't mind texting.

Also, honestly, when it comes to dating, my philosophy is to not sweat the small stuff. He got in touch, and that's great. Having a "No texting" policy (which I personally wouldn't want anyway) seems like invoking unnecessary conflict.

In my opinion, it's the stuff like that that makes a dude think "high maintenance" which--yes--is a term I hate. Trust me, I want "maintenance"--being considerate, getting in touch, not being a douche, etc. etc.

But to have a "policy" on communication? Seems unnecessary in my opinion.

Heather said...


Molly said...

Personally I think that texting is fine for updates, etc but if it is in the place of actual conversations, than it is safe to say the guy is just not that into you. He is definitley calling the girls he likes and more importantly, making plans with them.

jgo said...

Wow.... I started a little debate here.

I do understand what CJ says about different strokes for different folks and that she likes texting. We all have our thing.

I think txting is very good for post date flirting, like on the same night. This would be things like making sure you got home safe or saying you had a lot of fun.

Asking someone out on a second date through txt is not for me, but I can see it being done.

CJ, please make sure you dont put up with any crap such as getting txt's late night that sounds like "hey what are you up to now." You deserve better.