Saturday, August 04, 2007

First off, the announcement! CJ got an email from a dude from Jdate's parent company asking if I wanted to be an "affiliate." So now, if you sign up for a paying membership through the banner above, I get a nice cut of the initial proceeds. I recommend the 3 month membership--it takes at least a month to get comfortable with the whole thing. My first month sucked like a Hoover, but since then, it's been more fun than not, I promise.

What's more? If you sign up for a paying membership through Cute Jewess Tells All, I'll help you out with your profile. I'll tell you which pics I like and make sure you avoid the cliches and annoyances of most profiles. Loverville will vouch for me, I think. Every once in a while, she asks for my advice on Jdate emails :-)

And now to the juicy stuff: The break up with Darky.

God, he's great. Honestly, the whole thing could not have gone better, and I am endlessly relieved. When I mentioned that it wasn't working out, he wasn't surprised. Was it because he agreed? Or because he sensed that I was on the fence? I don't know. But I think we'll even be able to stay friends, which I sincerely want to do. Hopefully, we'll still hang out. We have a great time together. "Do you hate me?" I asked Darky. He replied: "You're a pretty hard person to hate."

Here's a question. I told Best Friend I was going to call Darky to end things. I personally would prefer to be broken up with by phone. Why get my hopes up for a great date, get myself all ready and cute, possibly give up other plans, and then find out the whole meeting was just to get broken up with? But Best Friend hates to be broken up with on the phone. She thinks the only proper way is to do it in person. Darky and I had been dating for a few weeks. We hadn't slept together. The phone thing felt right to me--and Darky didn't seem to mind at all.

What do you guys think? Should you break up by phone or in person? Or does it even matter? Let's assume it's a dating situation, not a relationship situation. Feel free to go into as much or as little detail as you like!

--Cute Jewess


Eve said...

Phone, for exactly the reasons you stated. I got dressed up once for a date and he broke up with me and it sucked. I'd much prefer to have it over the phone. If it is a relationship, like maybe over 3 months where you guys are talking daily and hanging out a few times a week and its exclusive, then in person.

Jenn said...

if you are at the "this is my boyfriend" stage, in person, for sure. if you are anything less than that and consider it "just dating", the phone is fine.

Jessica said...

I agree with what Eve and Jenn said. If it's an actual relationship/exclusive thing, then in pereson. If it's a guy that I've been out with a few times, then I think phone if fine. If it's a guy with whom I've had one date, then email is fine.

jgo said...

I agree... when in the dating stage, a phone call is best. You could have done worse things such as email, txt, or worse, vanishing.

If you are "together" then in person is best.

If it is after one date, I just wont call. After two or three dates, you could get away with an email, depending on how involved things were.

What's on the j-horizon for you?

Jdate has been sucking like a hoover for me lately. Cant generate any interest from the ladies at all ;-(

ClooJew said...

I've had, lulei demistafina, women break up with me on the phone. It never bothered me. I always chalked it up to the fact that if they saw me in person and looked into my bright sparkling eyes, there knees would get so weak that they couldn't go through with it.

So, I'm okay with the phone breakup.

What I'm not okay with is your references to yourself as CJ. I am CJ, and I don't like to share.

Best Friend said...

^^ Ha ha, that's funny.

I don't like it over the phone because I find it to be cowardly. I'm not going to "dress up" unless it's a real dinner date. If it's just at the bar, we can talk and be done, and then I can have a drink and a cry, or a drink and a sigh of relief!

I'm just one of those who likes to do this sort of thing in person. Of course, if it's just dating, one or two dates, the phone is fine. But no dilly dallying, just let me know and rip that bandaid!

Loverville said...

Good luck with the J-date partnership! I am certainly happy to vouch for you... you've helped me many a time put things in perspective, not get too excited about a guy, given good advice, etc.

Sounds like you had the *perfect* breakup with Darky! I agree with you -- phone is OK if you're not serious. That's probably what will happen soon with me and Smiles!

Michele said...

I have to agree with most everyone else ... the phone breakup makes perfect sense if you aren't in a long-term relationship with this guy. And it sounds like he didn't mind.