Saturday, August 18, 2007

Lordy, I am so tired.

I am tired because I didn't sleep at my own apartment last night, and I just couldn't stay asleep. What a surprising evening. You'd think because I had a special date set up with Car Guy, that he'd be the one I'll be writing about. But at the last minute, CG had to cancel. He did it well, had a good reason, was totally disappointed, etc. And we'll see how he makes it up to me.

I emailed the trio of Real Life gal pals whom you know, Best Friend, RH and Loverville, and almost immediately, BF and LV wrote back "Call Smoochy!" Ha. They figured I might as well get some fool-around time from someone. And, I did. But not Smooch Boy.

Even though I'd vowed to let Big Smile be the next one to contact me, I caved. I texted him to see what was up. He invited me out. I met him at a bar--with his friends--and almost the moment he saw me--right at the time our lips met for a mostly chaste hello kiss--hmmm, how would a lady say this? The blood rushed to "down there" in a bulgey fashion. The dude gets excited just to touch me the tiniest bit. Later he would say I "just do it for him." You'll hear me refer to myself as "cute" (duh), I think I've got a nice little figure. And sometimes I enjoy flaunting it. But to Big Smile? I'm all "sexy" and nothing but. I'm not used to being the "hot" girl, despite whatever tiny dresses I may wear now and again. I like turning Big Smile on ;-)

He was sweet, charming, attentive, funny. We wound up at his place, and more blood flowed in bulgey fashion. I told him--look, I'm not the kind of girl who gets intimate with a guy and expects him to then vanish. He said, "What, and I am? I'm not planning on vanishing." And, well, I'd been wondering about the bigness...not of the smile...and lordy, it's big. I mean, there might have to be some getting used to it. But there was some pretty darn good sex that night. And some more the next morning.

I called Best Friend when I got home, and we chatted it out. At the end of our girl dishing, she asked "So you're attracted to him? And he's nice? And you want to date him?" And I answered: "Yup." She asked, "So there are no issues?" And I replied, "Nope."

At least not right now. Did I sleep with him too fast? Maybe. But right now I'm not sweating it. I'm not sure this is the guy I want to have a relationship with, marry, etc. etc. But after 3 dates, I can't be expected to know that, right!? I'll just see what happens. I like the dude. Enjoy his company. He feels the same way.

As Loverville emailed me this morning, "Big Smile is in the lead!"

Is he as affectionate as Car Guy? No, and I wouldn't mind if he were. But he treats me well, I don't think he's a d*ck, he's obviously intelligent, and I find him attractive. At this point, that's all I need.

--Cute Jewess


Loverville said...

Good attitude -- enjoy the fun (and it sounds like he's "big" on fun... heh heh!). And just wait and see what happens!

a&v said...

Woo hoo! This is great. Love the "in a bulgey fashion." A nice, descriptive touch. ;)

jgo said...

Nice job CJ. So this breaks the streak of how long with no sex? Interesting how it turned out since you kind of booty called him. But dont forget he invited you out with his friends... that's usually a pretty good sign. Most guys dont share booty calls with friends, ya know?

I txted the girl i have been kind of seeing (just 2 dates so far) over the weekend while shes out of town and she called me back instead of txting and we talked for 90 minutes. That made me feel good. Now I see why you get giddy over the in-between txts/emails.

Cute Jewess said...

Not really a booty call--I got in touch with him in late afternoon, and we said we'd meet up, but the details were cemented later. At least one of his friends had heard about me...and I know he's mentioned me to a sibling.

Best Friend said...

WOO HOO!!! Nothin' better than sex in the morning!...wait, sex in the evening and afternoon are just as good.

Glad you finally are exploring and expressing your sexual side. You're sexy, you're a woman, enjoy it and him.

Now get some damn sleep!

doctorsquared said...

yay for good sexy times! especially after a long hiatus!

Heather said...

I'm so happy for you--not for just the sex portion lol, but for the possibilities!! :)