Monday, August 06, 2007

It's about time for the J-round-up:
  • Car Guy: A nice, funny dude with a car. Hey, why not? After a fun phone convo, he's quite into CJ at the moment, and I'm supposed to call to schedule a drink.
  • Pretentious: Yup, he's still around. Kind of. He's coming on very strong, but I'm not too excited about him. I'm supposed to call to schedule a drink, but I'm not rushing to.
  • Big Smile: He's a cutie, and he's supposed to get in touch when he's back from being out of town.
  • Latin Lover: This guy emailed to tell me my pics were gorgeous. Well, that's nice. But he started getting sensual right away, telling me how younger (he's several years so), Latin American guys were the way to go. I've been trying very hard to be open to new things, so I initially said I'd get together with him for a drink. But listening to my gut? I just don't want to. He's supposed to call to confirm. If he does, I'll tell him I don't think we're a good match.
  • Biceps: He's got good ones in his pic, but I'm not sure how much chemistry we'll have on either a physical or emotional level. We'll see if he calls. He contacted me first--seems excited about it, but eh, who knows.
  • Sweetie: This guy just seems like a sweetheart, and he likes pets. He said he'd email me this weekend and didn't. I won't be crushed if he falls by the wayside.
  • Forgettable: I'll call him that because, well, I almost did forget him. He emailed me. I was on the fence, but emailed back. He's supposed to call today or tomorrow.

There's another dude I'm considering writing back to, but overall, it's a kind of "eh" lineup, besides Car Guy.

Smoochy's back in town after being away on business. His last text to me (while he was away) said "See you soon." We'll see if and when he gets in touch.

--Cute Jewess


Red Head said...

Hmm... Pretentious and Forgettable. Like, hahahaha. You crack me up. It would be funny if you came back and changed their names to "Down-to-earth" and "Incredible," post heading "Sometimes I'm hasty with the names." :)

I'm excited to hear about Smoochy. I just hope you don't get your hopes up--not that he'll stop calling but that you'll actually start to want something more with him based on your strong attraction. But I think you're going about things in the right way--taking it easy and just enjoying the ride.

Glad you dumped Darky. I'm with BF, in terms of ripping the band-aid, but I also agree that sincey y'all weren't sleeping together you were almost just friends the whole time, so phone is fine. I'd also prefer to be dumped over the phone when it happens (knock on wood). I'm a coward not only on the receiving end but on the giving end. I wouldn't want him to see my reaction---easier to be ice queen on the phone.

Sorry that was a very disjointed post. Haven't checked in a bit!


Cute Jewess said...

RH, right now the beauty of the Smoochy situation is that he's the first guy I've been physically attracted to that I *know* I want to hook up with but not date. Of course, that could all change. He's sweet enough to me that I enjoy flirting with him and hanging out with him, but there are enough negative qualities about him that have me on guard...

I definitely think I could get in touch and he'd want to get together--but I'm curious to see if he'll be the one to call first.

Don't worry, I'll keep the blog informed :)

Dating Trooper - Dating is Warfare said...

My contribution to your current line-up is this:
1) Guys that like pets should always be given some extra attention and a second (or even third look). It's a good sign if they choose to be caretaking to something other than themselves!

2) Any premature "sensualness" needs to be seriously considered as grounds for disqualification. If they come on that strong (and cheezy it sounds like) via email, imagine what they'll be like sitting in a bar within groping distance!

Well, that's my 2 cents. Take it or leave it. Either way, make sure to fill us in!

molly said...

Too many guys! Seriously, how can you focus and enjoy yourself on a date when you are thinking about the line up. Crazy... Pare it down and focus on 1-2 at a time, and see if it goes anywhere. It looks like you are just another serial dater with no depth.

Cute Jewess said...

Oh please. These are guys I'm corresponding with. Who knows how many I'll meet. And go figure, it's possible to go on a date with one guy and not think of others.

It sounds like you are just another commenter who judges with way too little information.

pt said...

i think molly is addressing the point that you are not interested in several of these guys. and yet they are there on your list.
so your system seems to be to make a list of everyone in your inbox, without paring it down early on. then you get a lot of attrition. others might not even include the meh guys on the list from the beginning.
there are 7 guys on this list curently. let's take bets on how long those 7 turn into 0.
'cuz, as we all know. it's a numbers game.

belle said...

In response to the interesting posts being added here today, I have a few thoughts to add:

1 - To those that "don't get" what CJ is experiencing here with all this dating, I have to say... I think it's kind of a NYC thing. Maybe other big cities are like this too. I know that before I moved here I would have been shocked at her line-up. But now, all knowing NYer that I am, I have to say, this is how it is with most of my single friends and myself. Go out with as many men as you can (and in NYC, you really can), and cast your net wide. It's kind of the lifestyle here. People would laugh if you only went on one date at a time before you scheduled another.

And 2. To those that question why she is listing people whom she's not really interested in.... It's a BLOG! She's writing to her audience, and it makes for a great story, and it's the reason you keep reading. If she wrote, "nothing happened today, met no one, did nothing," chances are, you wouldn't have bookmarked her to see what happens next.

Dating Trooper - Dating is Warfare said...

Well said Belle. I used to live in NYC and have tried to explain this lifestyle to many of my friends who read CJ's and LV's blogs and wonder what the heck is going on. It's better than dinky towns like this one where we have to import slightly interesting men (there's only so many surfer boys you can date before you get entirely sick of it) and they show up in your in box every few months or so at the most. Seize the day NYC ladies!

Loverville said...

Ditto what Belle said. That's just the way it is here.

Best Friend said...

Hey Y'all!

I think everyone is saying something true. Loverville, Belle, Dating Isuzu Twooper, they all are correct in the fact that in a city of 8 million (or is it 10?), you have to date a LOT, and the culture allows you keep a roster, like in baseball! Switch your hitters, things like that. Clearly my baseball knowledge and analogy aren't so good this morning. :)

But I think everyone is jumping down Molly and PT's points. They're valid too. I don't think she is saying we're bad or hoes or crazy unfocused, but perhaps it can appear that way.

And it's just a blog, y'all. Calmate. Enjoy the ride...