Wednesday, August 01, 2007


Um, so the Shrink thinks I'm only physically attracted to dudes I don't want to date. And the ones I do want to date, I'm not attracted to. He might have a point. Of course, he thinks it's psychological. Do I? Well, I'm not so sure.

I mentioned SS--"But I wanted to date him," I said, "and I found him physically attractive." Shrink replied--"But he was unavailable." I pointed out that I didn't know that until I already liked him--and Shrink gave me that one. He dismissed SmartAlec, though, as only a fantasy.

So do I agree? Not yet. Past history may show the trend, yes. But I promise--I truly want to find a guy whom I'm attracted to, but who's also nice.

What to do about Smooch Boy? We have a sick chemistry. Physically, we're just plain drawn to each other. But I suspect he may have some dickish qualities. For the most part, he's been sweet to me, but do I want to be only a sexual object? Then again, wouldn't that also be what I'm using him for? I don't want to date Smoochy, but I wouldn't mind some good lovin'. So I'm still on the fence as to what to do about that one...Honestly, a big part of my hesitation is stemming from the fact that I have a feeling if we had sex, he'd leave soon afterwards. That's never happened to me before, and I'm not sure how I'd feel about it.

Seeing Darky tonight...

--Cute Jewess


Best Friend said...

Am I the only punk on here who doesn't know who SS is?

I think your shrink is on to something. Just think on it.

And just keep smoochin on Smoochy - like the song says:

"You don't have to take your...clothes off! To have a good time, uh huh!

We can dance and party...all night!

And drink some cherry wine...uh huh!!"

Heather said...

Well-just be honest with Darky, that's all you can do. As far as Smooch boy-well, you wanted a there anything so wrong with that? And maybe it'll help you focus?

Good luck with Darky tonight!!
Take it as it comes, it'll all work out.

Congrats on the jeans, that's awesome!

Anonymous said...

Please don't feel any need to answer this question online, since I know protecting your privacy is important to you. However, in response to your shrink's theory, it might be helpful to consider your relationship with your FAF, since he seems like a really nice person (although I might be completely wrong about this since I only have very limited information available). After 3 years, it is only natural that the physical attraction diminished, but when you first met him were you attracted to him?

Best of luck to you.

jody said...

Best Friend, SS was a guy she dated a few months ago. Ask her to fill you in.

b said...

I have come to realize I may have a pattern similar to yours, but not based on the attraction part. I was in a series of long distance relationships where they were fully emotionally available (but not geographically so) and then had a relationship with a guy who I lived in the same city with (geographically there), but was, ultimately emotionally unavailable. Now I am worried about myself. Once you recognize a pattern, how do you purposefully break it...especially if you're still connecting with the somehow unavailable ones...

I mention this because as you couldn't go into details in the blog, I think both SS and SmartAlec I believe you said were not ready or somehow not emotionally available.

I don't know about FAF because I just discovered your blog right before you wiped it out and the archives never came back...what was the deal there?

Cute Jewess said...

BF--you knew SS as "Sexy Back." Remember the pics? :)

b--hmmm, well, if you think there's a pattern, then just be aware of it going forward, I would think. And if you need to come to hard decisions, take the possible pattern into consideration.

As to what happened a few months ago to the blog and the archives? Oy. Bygones.