Saturday, August 11, 2007

Car Guy! Oh, what a date. I'm still rather swooning. Car Guy certainly makes me smile.

Before the date, I sent his profile to Loverville, and she reported "Looks like your type." I would have to agree. Awww, I'm feeling a little swoony just writing this blog post. Guess I should start the actual story, huh?

Cary Guy and I had a lovely dinner, filled with great conversation. We made each other laugh, we were suitably flirty, and I got to see his friendly, cute smile often enough to please. He admired my manners, and at one point he complimented me as "beautiful."

After dinner, we headed to a bar nearby, sitting closely next to each other. Car Guy's arm made its way around my waist. His hand found my leg. And somehow, with it feeling exactly right, we started kissing. He has great, soft lips :) I'm not a huge make-out-in-a-bar girl, so our kisses were mostly on the chaste side--but they were hot enough to pique both of our interests, I would say.

Car Guy walked me home, we kissed a bit more, and he made sure to schedule a second date before he let me go.

Soon after, the texting started--the good, flirty kind that I love. I've already heard from him today. I've got a sweet, satisfied smile on my face right now.

It'll be an interesting experiment. Loverville and I have often found that the guys who come on strong right away tend to "fizzle out" in the near future. So here we have Big Smile--with whom I've got another date set up by this point--who's more reserved, more of a quiet kind of guy. Then we've got Car Guy, who's flashier with his attention--who seems to be an action-taking kind of guy.

Which fella--if either--will turn out to be the one whose attentions stay the course?

Hmmm, I guess you'll just have to stay tuned ;-)

--Cute Jewess

P.S. Oh! And I wore the new magic ass jeans, and I'm sure Car Guy appreciated them :)


Jenn said...

Please -- WHAT are these jeans!?

Loverville said...

Looking forward to seeing how this experiment goes: Mr. Take-it-Slowly vs. Mr. 90-MPH!

Heather said...

WOO HOO! :) that sounds wonderful. glad you had a good time.

This should be an interesting "race" lol

jgo said...

You know how to make the boys swoon

Best said...

YAY on Good Date All Around!!

I think both Big Smile and Car Guy are each showing interest normally. I like that Car Guy kissed you and showed his attraction straight away. Imagine if he were a bad kisser...and finding that out 3 dates in.

I'm hoping Big Smile is as good a kisser as Monsieur Auto.

wooo, Makin' OUT!!! (insert No Doubt song of the same name)

Best Friend said...

Whoops, I left that make out comment!

Red Head said...

Don't be quick to dismiss early-on flaming attraction. I've had two very serious relationships come out of that, it doesn't always fizzle out...

that's my two cents for today! I'm so excited you're having so much fun!!!! Liking boys is the funnest.

Amelie said...

thanks for your 2 cents red head. just came across this blog & was disappointed with the fizzle comment!

it's nice to know that intense beginnings can stay intense!
p.s. liking boys is indeed the funnest, agreed :)