Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Ok, so some days ago, Smooch Boy and I made plans for later tonight. Considering our last get together, it's safe to assume our night would get physical in some way. We might have even done the deed. And the thing is, I want to have sex with him. In theory. But now we've got Car Guy and Big Smile in the mix. BS started the week, CG will end it. Can I really stick Smooch Boy in between?

Right now, I'm thinking no. I canceled our plans. As hot as I can be for Smoochy, he's someone I'm only interested in physically. So part of me thinks--yay! Maybe I could have some sex tonight! Which--don't get me wrong--sounds pretty good for someone who's mostly held out for many months. But I don't want to regret anything, and I'd rather be intimate with someone I could imagine dating more seriously--like BS or CG. So, despite the ease with which I could have whatever I wanted tonight...I will wait.

Besides, from the look of Mr. Big Smile (as discussed yesterday), waiting might well be worth it. Smooch Boy--the gentile--has not been quite as blessed.

Big Smile and I have amorphous plans for next week, but until they're cemented and confirmed, I'm not counting on anything for sure.

So, as usual folks, to be continued...

--Cute Jewess


therapydoc said...

I guess at least you're not letting life pass you by, right?

jody said...

Your standards are to be admired, good for you! Seems like BS and CG are both possible good catches.

Heather said...

you have to do what you're comfortable with..and it sounds like you are! :) Good for you. It's the only way to go-as you said, you don't want to regret anything. So, SB will be waiting in the wings, should you so want him least for the physical piece of it.

Sounds like you've got it all worked out! :)

Keep having fun! xoxo