Saturday, July 21, 2007

And just like that, we've got 5 possible guys in the mix, starting with the 2 you know:

Real Live Guys:
  • Darky: 4th date set up for next week. So far, he's been okay with taking everything slowly. We've only smooched, nothing else. I enjoy his company, and I like being with him. So for now, I will take that as enough for another date.
  • Smooch Guy: Oh, he's hot. We've engaged in some flirty texting, and I'd be surprised if I don't see him again. But he's fling material. Hopefully I'll get some decent loving out of it. Lord knows I could use some.


  • Sarcasto: Quickly we've gone from the IM stage to having a date set up tonight. I like that he's as sarcastic as I am, and I think we'll have a fun time.
  • Cultured: He likes art, literature, history--all good things. So far, he talks an awful lot about himself. But he's supposed to call, and I think he will, so we'll see if there's phone chemistry.
  • Who Knew: I call him Who Knew because he's one of those guys I didn't expect to email me back. Great body, highly educated, successful career, looking for a gal in her 20s. Turns out he responded right away, enjoys my sense of humor, liked my pics, and seems interested in learning more.

Well go figure!

Have a great Saturday, folks!

--Cute Jewess


Heather said...

Wonderful! :) This is all good news. I'm happy for you and hope you have a good time on your dates!

jody said...

Please don't lead Darky on. He really seems to be into you. If you're not that into him, please let him go.

Best Friend said...

Go head! Make out and have fun!

But listen to Jody...if you're questioning the physical attraction, then he's not the one. And that's ok...but perhaps you should let him go.