Monday, July 09, 2007

Ok, yes, I realize you might be confused about SmartAlec. For now, I will keep the details vague, but I will tell you how I'm feeling. In the future, perhaps I will be able to be more specific. But I like this guy, and I have learned to write sketchily about the good ones.

I don't know what's going to happen with SmartAlec. I got my explanation. It was certainly valid, and one I accept. I do not know, however, when I will see him next. He's going through a tough time at this moment. If you were around when I was writing about SS? Part of me thinks, "Oy vey. Not this again."

But the circumstances are very different. So what am I feeling? Right now, I'm waiting. By the phone. By the email account. That horrible, horrible limbo feeling waiting to see what happens next. I may be setting myself up to be hurt, in fact. But it's something I have to do.

There's something special about SmartAlec, and if I'm going to give him a shot, I might have to make some compromises. We have an odd but strong emotional connection right now (no sex, I'll tell you that much). I have no idea where it's going. I'm scared to bits that I'll wind up crying over him, for who knows how long.

Still, I will see this through.

As to the Brazilian? It hurt. Not as bad as I anticipated, but for longer than I thought it would. That's some after-smart! Also, those things are expensive, and I didn't even think she did a great job. I may have to revert back to my trusty razor. If I do it again, though, I'll be scouting for a new location.

A new location to receive the wax, that is. Not a new location on me to wax ;-)

--Cute Jewess


Single Girl said...

It's funny, as soon as you said SmartAlec is going through a hard time, I immediately thought of SS. Good that things might be back on track with him though. Hopefully all of us will get to hear more details soon! This vagueness is torture! But we'll be patient!

ClooJew said...

Okay, first of all: OUCH! In an effort to empathize with fellow bloggers I read your previous post and then, in my naivete, I went out and asked for a Brazilian wax!

OUCH! I did not know they could do that. Particularly to a guy.

Did I mention, ouch?

ClooJew said...

...but seriously folks.

I want to say a few words, lulei demistafina, about this smartAlec character. Now, understand that I realize I don't know you and I don't know him, so my comments are simply based on the little information that I have combined with my vast store of experience and wisdom in all matters worldly.

Here goes:

You wrote, "The things he tells couldn't imagine anything sweeter. But for the first time, his actions are not matching his words."

When I read this I think: This guy is totally playing her, telling her what she wants to hear in order to make his move. But when his moves turns out to be a wee bit premature, he backpedals.

"I got my explanation. It was certainly valid, and one I accept. I do not know, however, when I will see him next. He's going through a tough time at this moment."

Yeah. Uh-huh. Okay so dodgeball 101 for those who've never played. When you get flagged for being "offside" fall on your sword. Blame some inner fault of your own ("I'm going through a tough time right now."), but one that you are trying to work out, and apologize profusely. This will engender sympathy as well as show your moral fiber (ironic, that!) and put you back in her good graces.

Again, I'm slight on the details here, but this sounds pretty textbook to me.

Cute Jewess said...

ClooJew, trust me, I had a boyfriend like that before. I know it's a possibility. But at least for now--this very moment--Loverville and RH (whom I know in "real life") can vouch that the excuse/explanation is valid and not mamby pamby. Does it get him off the hook completely and also in the future? No. Am I prepared to very possibly get hurt? Well, no. I never am. But I know it could happen.

jody said...

Wow, you are being SO vague that I feel like I blinked and missed an entire story even though I am an avid reader of your blog! I'm with Single Girl: as soon as you said SmartAlec is going through "a tough time", I thought of SS. Seems like you keep meeting men who give you that excuse. But I DO understand why you are being vague and I hope things work out for you.

RH said...

I will vouch that the excuse is definitely valid.

But CJ, I think Jody raises an interesting point... "seems like you keep meeting men who give you that excuse."

Is it the men, or is it CJ?? ooooh... [breakthrough? meh?]


Cute Jewess said...

It's very possible I attract the more sensitvie men. Now it's just a matter of hoping one of them will have his shit together...

Jenn said...

I'm more concerned with your wax than with the men:) Best place in NYC for a wax - Avalon. I adore Agata, and Liz is pretty great too. Dyanna is also a good salon and they have 2 locations - one in mid-town and one in Flatiron. No one should have to suffer through a brazilian:) Plus, both of those places are VERY reasonably priced!

Cute Jewess said...

Jenn, you rock!
My bikini line...and perhaps my menfolk too...thank you.


Best Friend said...

hey everybody! am I overdue!

1. I give myself my own about Sistas Doin It for Themselves. Never again will I have to pay for it! :)

2. I agree with ClooJew.

3. Update please!