Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Things are better today.

The more I learn about how much SmartAlec lied, the better I feel. Sure, I got duped. But that's much easier to cope with than thinking there's this great guy out there with whom I could have had a great relationship--but who's just unavailable.

So, my work begins to fill the coffers again. I chatted with a very cute Jdate guy yesterday, and we'll see if something comes of that. Remember Sporty? The final member of the original Awesome Foursome? Well, he's been off Jdate for a while now, with no words of parting to me. But I know he's out of town until late August, so maybe he will get in touch when he's back. He seemed very interested. But if not? Eh, there will be more.

I had a lovely night last night, including time spent with both RH and Best Friend. And tonight, Loverville and I will be painting the town that saucy color we like.

So, the life and times of Cute Jewess go on.

--Cute Jewess


Eve said...

What did SmartAlec lie about? What happened?

Heather said...

glad you're ok and things are looking up!!!


Land Mines said...

Have a great time!

Cute Jewess said...

Eve, I'm keeping the details of this one on the DL. But it's nice moving on!