Monday, July 23, 2007

I think we can cross Sarcasto off the list. We had a lengthy, fun enough date--the time flew by precisely because we share the same sense of humor, and we made each other laugh. He wasn't unattractive, and he complimented my figure, but still...for some reason, I don't think there was much spark on either side.

Odd, isn't it? I can't say there was anything wrong with the date--or with Sarcasto. We clicked just fine. There was just...something missing. And something I can't put my finger on. I tend to break down my feelings after a date to one crucial question: Can I picture making out with this dude? Sarcasto? Not so much.

I may add another Jguy to the pile, though. We've started emailing, but he's getting a tad pretentious. So we'll see if he sticks around significantly enough to warrant a nickname :)

Happy Monday, folks!
--Cute Jewess


jgo said...

Ahh but you already gave him a name.... Pretentious

Eve said...

HA! That's how I analyze my dates afterwards as well!

Heather said...

it's not the end of the world. at least you had a good time! :)

Yes, Jgo is right...Pretentious it is--hopefully he is able to correct that!!

e.b. said...

knowing that is so hugely important - to me it shows you are really aware of yourself, your needs and your limits.

Single Girl said...

It sucks when there's no spark, doesn't it? But I guess that's what makes finding that person when there is a spark so special. So annoying though, you have a great date and a great time, but "it" just isn't there.

On to the next one! I agree with jgo, Pretentious it is!

acaligurl said...

its a bummer when all clicks but the "making out", but hey if you can't picture making out with him.... chemistry is amzing isn;t it? i mean i can tell you i'd make out with becks and i never met him!!