Monday, July 09, 2007

Hmmm. How to blog about this?
If you've been with me for a while here, you know I ran into some...trouble...a few months ago about being too open on these pages. I stopped blogging for a short time, but then returned, vowing not to let my impulse to share impact the people about whom I was sharing. Most importantly, me.

Enter SmartAlec. He's been courting me like a dream. The things he tells couldn't imagine anything sweeter. But for the first time, his actions are not matching his words. Everyone deserves one "free pass," so to speak. I await an apology, and an explanation. What could I expect in the future--the solicitous, romantic SmartAlec? Or the inconsiderate one?

Without explanation, I can't answer that yet.
Part of me wishes I were less smitten. But most of me enjoys the feeling of a new crush. We'll just have to see whether the crush turns into something more.

--Cute Jewess


molly said...

wow, stop reading for a while and look what happens, I have totally missed any details about dates with this guy ... but I hope it works out.

Anonymous said...

How was the wax?

e.b. said...

well the only thing to say at this point is GOOD LUCK!

RH said...

I think we need more info, or I confused as to why his actions aren't matching his words. But I assume you're being vague b/c you're afraid he might have found out about your blog????

Either way, that uncertainty sucks. But I'm sure it'll work itself out. And remember, this blog IS your thoughts and feelings, which you're entitled to, not to mention the fact that you're helping people in the process. Hmm, sorry if that wasn't necessary, but just wanted to say it! :)

Eve said...

Wait, I'm confused...have you met SmartAlec yet?