Tuesday, July 24, 2007

I have another date this week with Darky, and I'm looking forward to it. That's all I know about that. I'm taking it day by day, date by date. But right now, I want to see him again. I think about him more than I do about Smooch Boy, whom I'm just interested in fooling around with. I do hope I get to, though! Not sure when that will happen, but it's good to know he's in the ether out there, looking all hot and liking my legs.

You know what I want right now? A tan. I haven't been tan...well, in as long as I can remember. But it looks so good on a body! I have one of those fake tan creams, but I always hesitate to use them because they're so inconvenient. I picture my bed and couch with streaks all over them. But maybe I'll get inspired and try something out to diminish the whiteness.

Who Knew hasn't called yet. This happens a lot with Jdate guys. They come on strong, are thrilled to email/IM with you, ask for your phone number, and then vanish. It's early days yet, for sure, but if this one doesn't call, I think I'll write him again in a week or so. I liked his emails--he seems quite charming.

--Cute Jewess


walt said...

Hmmmm....sounds like you plan to bed one boy, while dating another. Do you think this is a good approach? What do you think Darky's reaction would be if he knew what you are planning?

Cute Jewess said...

Well, you know what? If he's worried, he should ask. If Darky wants to be exclusive, or get more serious, then he should ask if I'm dating other guys. And I will be nothing but honest with him.

I mean to blog about this today, actually.

Single Girl said...

Please stick with the self tanners! Don't risk cancer and wrinkles to get tan! I have already had many moles removed because they were abnormal and have now sworn off tanning in the sun. Kiehl's makes the BEST self-tanner ever! No streaks on your sheets or couch and it dries within seconds and won't turn you orange. Yeah, it's $25 for a bottle, but it'll last a LONG time.

acaligurl said...

ditto single girl! as an esthetician take care of the skin.
spray tans are pretty amazing.