Saturday, July 07, 2007

Kissed a boy last night at a party.
You know the kind--"Let me stick my tongue out and see what it hits."

I miss SS's kissing. He had such nice, pouty lips. But Darky--I'll call him that because he's tall and olive-skinned. Also, it sounds very un-PC, and that makes me feel rather naughty--Darky was sweet, with a big, happy smile.

Apparently, I have a magic drink margin. There's a certain equation of Type of Drink + Number of Drinks / Hours = Perfect Flirty Cute Jewess. Man, I was flirtastic last night. Sharp, funny, teasing, and in no way too tipsy. I wish I could nail that equation down! My life would be a helluva lot more fun, then.

Darky started texting me the moment we parted. I wouldn't be surprised if he called, and I'd go on a date with him. But I started to think, by the end of the night, that he wasn't that cute. Still, height and sweetness can go a long way.

At least to a date, that is. We'll see!

Smooch Boy also tried to get me to hang out last night, albeit somewhat half-heartedly. What's up with that?

--Cute Jewess

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