Thursday, July 12, 2007

Ha. Certain things about men are soooo predictable. No trespassing on my land! That belongs to me! Mine!

I had a lovely date with Darky the other night. Darky sure does like him some Cute Jewess. Darky is a very nice guy, and I enjoy his company. Is there spark? Yes, a bit. How much, I'm not sure.

But then there's SmartAlec.

And yes, for a hot minute there, it looked like SmartAlec was just like SS, only worse. Deeper issues. Even less emotionally available. Oh, how I despaired.

But then SmartAlec found out about Darky.
Well, SmartAlec couldn't have that.

Realizing I might slip through his fingers, SmartAlec has stepped up his pursuit. Has said, screw my problems. I adore you. I would like to shower you with affection, please.

So who will win out in the end? The sweet Darky? Or the troubled SmartAlec? I know where my heart rests at this very moment, but trust me--I'm more curious than you are to see what will happen.

--Cute Jewess


Land Mines said...

Have fun with both of them fighting for your attention! You deserve to be showered by them! Can't wait to hear more details!


Cute Jewess said...

lm (if i may),

Thanks! You know, you're not the first by far to say I deserve good things, and that's been surprising to hear. I wonder what it is about my writing that makes people think that--but hey, I will take it. I appreciate it, and it makes me feel good. :)

CurlyRed said...

i'm pulling for Darky. i know it's all drama and the "i'm emotionally unavailable" passion with SmartAlec, but drama and unavailability don't keep you warm at night. :)

Heather said...

Whatever (or I should say whoever) makes you happy--and yes you do deserve it! :)

For now-let them both shower you! :) hehe


Anonymous said...

Just found this blog - hope you don't mind me parachuting in with my random ramblings. Clearly we don't have nearly enough information to give advice or make predictions, but I'll do it anyway. I predict that SmartAlec will fade on you as soon as he thinks he has you. However, Darky could be a keeper, but it's not clear if you like him enough. Is has ardor for you enough to keep you interested for a while?

Cute Jewess said...

Anon, welcome!
Honestly, my advice to another blogger in a similar situation would be the same. I'm hoping to keep both SmartAlec and Darky around long enough to make an informed decision--that is, provided they don't make it for me!

jgo said...

Hey CJ. Nice going, you are a lucky girl here.

How did SmartAlec find out about Darky? Did you drop the "I'm dating around" bomb? Does he read your blog? If you were the one who told him, was it intentional?

I am jealous of your dating life right now!

Cute Jewess said...

If one more of my suitors ever finds the blog, I will go nuts.

I strategically let SmartAlec know that Darky was in the picture. He realized, as I'd intended, that he better act fast or risk losing his chance.