Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Last night was...nice.
First, Loverville and I hit a fun party, with good dancing music. Poor LV. She had to deal with me complaining about the weather--I don't do well in humidity. But overall, the venue was lovely, the crowd offered good eye candy, and it was the kind of scene that feels more rare than not in NYC.

And then...well...I ran into Smooch Boy. Smooch Boy whom I figured was out of the picture weeks ago, and yet who certainly earned his name last night. Boy, did we make out. It was pretty hot.

I find myself in a situation that's rather rare for me: I am physically attracted to Smooch Boy, but I wouldn't want to pursue anything with him relationship-wise. We're too different, and I'm just not that interested in something serious with him. But we certainly have some spark. Have I found a fling? I guess we'll see! I do hope so. Being able to get the nookie more often would make Cute Jewess a happy gal.

It's been quite a couple days for Real Live Guys, after the whole SmartAlec fiasco. Darky's still in the picture, and now so is Jackpot, the guy I liked weeks ago but thought would absolutely disappear. We're corresponding now. Will we meet? I do hope so.

I will admit. Having Real Live Guys tell you you're cute, sexy, sweet, smart, have nice legs, etc. feels pretty darn good.

As does kissing them :)

--Cute Jewess


Heather said...

Oh goodie! This is definitely good news!! And you're smiling, aren't you??? hehe

jody said...

Maybe having a "Make Out Boy" is just what you need right now.

GlenRose said...


You wrote, "The things he tells couldn't imagine anything sweeter. But for the first time, his actions are not matching his words."

When I read this I think: This guy is totally playing her, telling her what she wants to hear in order to make his move. But when his moves turns out to be a wee bit premature, he backpedals.

"I got my explanation. It was certainly valid, and one I accept. I do not know, however, when I will see him next. He's going through a tough time at this moment."

Yeah. Uh-huh. Okay so dodgeball 101 for those who've never played. When you get flagged for being "offside" fall on your sword. Blame some inner fault of your own ("I'm going through a tough time right now."), but one that you are trying to work out, and apologize profusely. This will engender sympathy as well as show your moral fiber (ironic, that!) and put you back in her good graces.

Again, I'm slight on the details here, but this sounds pretty textbook to me.

I should've chimed in when I could because I totally agreed with him then, and obviously he was spot on. The more I read your blog the more I worry about you. Every day it's a different guy and you don't seem to learn the lesson that guys will say whatever they have to to get in your pants (skirt, whatever).

You seem like a nice girl, but I have to wonder if you've gotten a reputation in your neighborhood as being naive...and easy. I'm sorry if that sounds harsh, but if it's the case you will never find true love because the guys you want will stay FAR away from you.

Hint: When a guy tells you you have nice legs early on, he's thinking bed not ring.

Cute Jewess said...

Ha. So you assume I slept with SmartAlec. I did not. I have had sex with one guy in the 8 months since I broke up with my boyfriend of 5 years. Trust me, of all the things I am, "easy" ain't one of them.

jgo said...

I dont think you have to have sex to be labled. In terms of what people see and "know" about you, if you leave with a guy then they will make assumptions. Also I think if you are seen making out with guys at bars, it can lead to labeling. Just my opinion.