Monday, July 02, 2007

Good Phone wants to set up a definite night for a date. I'm looking forward to this one. On email/profile, he's an interesting guy, if a bit formal. On the phone, he's got a much better sense of humor--similar to mine--and he comes across as kinder, too. Also, nice voice :-)
I should be meeting him before SmartAlec, but both are coming up fairly soon now.

Yes, I'm still nervous about SmartAlec. Chief among my concerns: 1) If we don't click in person, there go my wonderful emails. 2) If he doesn't find me attractive, I worry I'll take it personally.

I know, I know. It's just that my self-esteem seems to vary to extremes. One day I'll feel cute as anything, and the next day all I'll be able to see are flaws. SmartAlec is very typically handsome. In fact, that's not usually my type. You know I like 'em slightly dorky. I know for a fact that he's enjoying my humor, my smarts, my correspondence. I know he's enjoyed my photos. But what about me? In person?

Don't get me wrong--there's every chance I won't like him in person. But that's easier to prepare for.

Smiley never called after our date, but that's okay. I wasn't particularly wowed by much chemistry between us.

Alright, kids. Continuing the Jdate whirlwind purely for your enjoyment. Although, if some dude wants to throw some enjoyment my way, trust me--this chick won't argue. Come on, Jguys. Excite me, please!

--Cute Jewess


Heather said...

Oh hooray for good phone!! :) Good luck I hope it goes really well. Just enjoy and have a great time, TRY not to worry about anything else...whatever happens...happens! If nothing else, it's good practice! :D

jody said...

CJ, you definitely worry waaayyyy too much as evidenced by you last couple of posts. Please just take it easy and just try to have fun! :-)

RH said...

I'm gonna have to disagree. I see how it can look this way, Jody, but such is not the case. It's not worry, it's introspective analysis. After CJ spent some good time processing her major breakup last year, she decided to take a stab at dating again, adn it had been a few yrs. Dating really does change year to year! To me, and it's subjective, the whole point of this blog is to 1) read funny stories by a funny writer. 2) feel comforted that someone else is thinking/feeling/experiencing similar things that I am as a single girl. And 3) if she didn't have analysis in her posts, how would we know what she's thinking, and how could we comment/enjoy/understand? Otherwise, that blog may read like this:

"Went on a date. Don't like him. See ya!"

Cute Jewess said...

RH--thanks for the kind words!! You da bomb.

I do come here for introspection, and whatever's in my head tumbles out here more than anywhere else.

That said, it *is* possible I worry too much--along the lines of "What if he doesn't like me?" "What does that mean about me?"

So I will try to keep a firm head on my shoulders, know I'm fab, etc. etc. And at the same time, if a little angst creeps in--as it will for anyone, I think--I'll know where I can come to write about it.

jody said...

Gee, sorry, RH, I was just trying to be encouraging, did you miss the smile?