Thursday, May 24, 2007

A bit of an experiment tonight. I'll be at a party where the guy to girl ratio will be heavily in my favor. Will there be cuties? And will I be able to be more flirty in person? I'm thinking a couple drinks will help. It should prove to be on the fun side--if also the crazy crowded side--and I'm looking forward.

Did you see the Lost finale last night? It was sooooo good, and the first time I thought that all season. I can't believe they're going to leave us hanging for new episodes until February! Cruel, Lost. Cruel indeed.

The dating slump continues. I emailed about 3 new guys on Jdate with no results. From one extreme to the other! But it's okay. Maybe this will push my ass to be less shy in person. I'm doing better!

Ooh. Just saw a cute newbie on the Jdate...will my luck turn? Eh, I'm not stressing about it...yet. Update: Yup, Newbie viewed my profile...with no response.

--Cute Jewess


Keith said...

I'm actually pretty surprised to hear that... from what I hear from my female friends (and my own JDate experiences), males seriously outnumber females on the site, and women are inundated with e-mails from guys. For us guys, it practically takes an act of God to get a response, so you'd think a woman sending out e-mails would definitely get responses... unless they're playing it coy and waiting a couple of days.

Loverville said...

Also, keep this in mind: a lot of people are going away for the holiday weekend, might want to wait til they get back in town to write back.

Just a thought!

trying also said...

Change your picture (maybe from the party last night). For some reason everytime i change my picture, i get more emails.

jgo said...

CJ -- Nice job on the play by play. It's one of the things I like about your blog.