Saturday, May 05, 2007

Hello there! Me here!

I'm still not ready to talk about SS, and I've realized why. I want to go forward with no context. I want to not only avoid over-thinking, but to avoid thinking altogether. I am a thinker. It's what I do. A lot. For this one time, I say screw it and move forward exactly how I feel I want to. Will I be giving up self-protection? Possibly. But as I've made clear, I just don't want to hear about it right now. So! Let's update the rest of things, shall we?

Hottie1 seems to be an absolute sweetheart. We heart him. He seems interested, and he apologizes when he can't call in a timely fashion. I am still intimidated by his hotness. But so far...well, so good. And that's all I can say about that! We'll meet up soon, I'm sure, when our schedules allow it.

Hottie2 is getting his final chance (he better act right!) early next week. He, too, seems interested. Not sure we're a good match, but I'm happy to give it a try. And isn't he lucky that I am?

We've got a newbie in the mix, too, whom I'll call Eager Beaver. Because lordy he's solicitous. Emails right back. Calls when he says he's going to. And for now? I will take it. Shower me with affection, gentlemen. I won't complain.

Unless I don't like you, of course. ;)

Cute Doc is back in the mix as well--remember him from a while ago? We're working on someday scheduling that second date.

Then tonight? Well, tonight will be...interesting. My gal pal whom I'll call Youth--because she's several years younger than I am--has asked me out to dinner with a couple of her guy friends. Because one of them saw a picture of me and decided I was an absolute hottie. (Note: it was a particularly flattering photo.) Have I seen a pic of him? Nope. Do I think anything will come of this group dinner? Nope. Because he's a baby. Like, years younger than I am. I'm not ruling him out completely, but still...that's not really something I'm looking for right now.

But like I said...I'm willing to take the showering of affection.
Downpour it, dudes.

--Cute Jewess


Anonymous said...

My 24 y/o male roommate has been going out with a 32 y/o woman for a while. You never know.

a&v said...

Oh, you've got all sorts of interestingness going on!

acaligurl said...

ahh life sounds good for cutej!!! nothing wrong with a bunch of hot smart men wanting your attention!!
re: anonymous above, 32 and 24 ?? ya thats a good time, eventually it will runs is course and be done. mark my words.