Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The Jdate pickin's are feeling slim. For that reason, today I responded to two "Maybes" and emailed a Maybe myself. Eh, maybe. I also emailed one good potential match and one of those "out of my league" guys (just trust me on this one). So let's see what happens, shall we?

Update: After I wrote the above, I emailed another few guys. The three Maybes I mentioned all wrote back. So did one of the others I emailed--but it seems he's just interested in sex, if I'm reading between the lines correctly. Still, his profile photo is pretty darn cute. My responses, however, haven't been too suggestive. I predict he will not write back again. I think that's probably the best thing. I'm not against the idea of something purely physical, but to start off by throwing that out there on email? Not my style.

A friend has invited me to a party on Saturday night. Besides this friend--whom I very much enjoy hanging out with--there will be no one else I know there. On the one hand, this is one of those perfect opportunities to meet Real Live Guys. (Or potential gal pals, for that matter.) On the other hand, oy do I get shy when I'm around lots of new faces. But I think practice is the best way to overcome that. Practice and alcohol. I'll have to reach that perfect state of tipsy where I'm my usual bubbly self but not yet goofy and ridiculous. Hmmm. What to wear? The usual jeans/cute top route? Or will it be too hot and humid? Generally in summer my mini skirts come out. I could certainly use a new dress, too. I have this one sexy--but not too sexy--dark fitted dress. But will that be too dressy? Hmmm...might have to sneak in some shopping before the weekend.

I have spent a week and a half being horrible to my body--crappy-ass food and not enough gym (two of the classes I wanted to take were canceled, harrumph!). I'd better get back on track!!

--Cute Jewess


mimi of sexagenarian & the city said...

when i, too, found the jdate pickins slim, i joined [rejoined, actually] and
and found the pickins more plentiful, including jewish guys who were not on jdate. they're worth a try, i think.

jgo said...

Ive had some real maybes surprise me so you never know.

I liked how you capitalized Real Live Guys.

Usually when a guy says that a girl is out of his league, he means that shes really hot. Does it mean the same when a girl says a guy is out of her league or is it something else?

Eve said...

I love that you email guys yourself. As an homage to you I am going to start doing that as well. :)

Single Girl said...

Which guy wrote you back the suggestive e-mail? Was it the potential good match or the guy you say is out of your league? Just curious. . .

As for what to wear to the party on Saturday, what kind of a party is it? Like a get together? Or a dinner party? Or a cocktail party? I would ask the friend who invited you to the party for what type of outfit you should wear.

ClooJew said...

I think the cutest Jew would be George Clooney. Or, lulei demistafina, someone who looked a LOT like him.

Jody said...

No assvice here, just wanted to say hi and hope all works out for you!

Cute Jewess said...

Jgo-insanely attractive and successful.

eve--lots of girls do, promise! Go get em.

Single girl, no out of league guy didn't write back. This was another. Cute, yes, but kinda smarmy it turns out.

Jody: Ha. Thanks. The assvice thing was SS specific. So...ban lifted!

Anonymous said...

I have a question-- do you feel like after a date it's better to wait b4 logging on to Jdate? Do you notice if your date does? in that 'waiting' period while you want to see if they'll call, I just wonder if it sways things. But I'm also a fan at the moment of the not all eggs in one basket attitude.
Curious what works for you?

Cute Jewess said...

My instinct is to say it doesn't matter and there are plenty of other things to worry about so why add one more?

Then again, *I'm* the one going thru the slump, so why listen to me? :)