Thursday, May 31, 2007

The slump. Continues.
Jdate just does not love it some Cute Jewess these past coupla weeks. I'm not ready yet to try out, but I would consider it in a couple more weeks, I think.

In the meantime, though, I've been invited to 2 parties in the next week that will be riddled with Real Live Guys. Often, I spend these kind of parties talking to people I know. I'm just not good at making the eye contact, and I do get shy. But once conversation is initiated, I think I'm okay. I will work on being more open. Also, on drinking.

I do owe Tall Dark a phone call. He called this week, and I'm willing to meet him and see what happens. But I'm not anticipating much spark. Then again, those are the dates that sometimes surprise you!

I've now gone on dates with 13 guys from Jdate. (Oh!! Of course! Eager Beaver was #13--no wonder the date sucked tushy.) Will Tall Dark be #14? Or will it be a Real Live Guy? Or...oy...will #14 remain weeks in the future?

If I ever complain again about juggling too many guys at once, just tell me to shut the hell up, mmkay?

--Cute Jewess


acaligurl said...

so i got a facial this week from an award winning esthetican from the east coast. so (i ask) how did you end up in cali? oh i got married (she said) oh how did you meet if he was in cali and you in maryland? MATCH.COM! she is thrilled. and she is attractive and smart. (not sure what he is...)

Zaftig & Shaifele said... works for some, but not for all

e.b. said...

real live guys! I love it - makes them sound like circus freaks.

Heather said...

mmmm...ok! LOL

Things will perk up I'm sure!
one day at a time! :)

sexagenarian & the city said...

i used last summer, gave up on it, and went back to it when i ran out of fresh man on jdate.
you should know this about it: it's _huge_ -- probably at least 100x bigger than jdate if not more -- and so you gets _lots_ of idiotic messages from people who are entirely wrong for you -- you just learn to delete them quickly. but there is gold in the midst of the junk --
i've dated men who were like the best of the jdate men -- you just endure more losers to get through to them. is not quite as good as but definitely worth trying. and in both cases, you can scope out the possibilities before you join.

jgo said...

I met the best girl I have dated so far in my life on We were together for a few months and it was great. Sadly though, religion is what killed the relationship.


It's funny... I was just talking about you this morning and how I can't get over how you manage to keep a handle on the juggling you do. You're my hero girl and an example for all multi-daters.

Jody said...

OK, promise to tell you to shut the hell up when the time comes. ;-)

Loverville said...

I'm on both Match and J-date -- I tend to go out with more guys from J-date, but occasionally I'll find that guys I've met on Match are on both sites as well. Go figure!

Funny -- I joined Match a few months ago because I came across one amazing-sounding guy's profile, and joined so I could write to him. (it just happens that he never wrote back)

acaligurl said...

loverville, thats just a teaser they put to lure you in!!! lol

Anonymous said...

DRINKING makes SHYNESS go away