Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Note to the guys of the world: When you are on a date, and the girl does not order another drink...the odds are she wants to go home. Perhaps she does not want to be rude. At some point, she is hoping you will get the hint.

Eager Beaver did not get the hint.

Reserved CJ was back in action last night, but only because I knew from the first second that I was not interested. I was nice, though--of course. And so it took 2 hours before I was able to extricate myself (and not that smoothly) from my meet-up with the Beav. When he ordered another drink, despite my abstaining, my heart rather fell. When he took forever to finish it? I started getting fidgety.

But the Beav wasn't a bad guy--just annoying, and much less cute than his pics. There's dorky-charming, and then there's dorky-unbearable. But at least I get to cross a name off the list. I hope he's perceptive enough to not give me a follow-up call. Since there was no talk of seeing each other again as we parted, I'm thinking I didn't give him false hope.


--Cute Jewess


jeremy said...

Can you blame the guy for wanting to prolong what was probably the single most fabulous moment of his life? Maybe he thought he would grow on you.

jgo said...

That sucks. But it happens from time to time. If you knew from the first second, was it purely looks? Or was it the way he carried himself?

You know you can always be really blunt. Say something like, "Thank you for the drink. I really need to get going." But I understand you were trying to be polite.

Cute Jewess said...

jeremy--now let's not go overboard!

jgo--it was everything. so everything.

e.b. said...

you go girl - keep on keepin on

Loverville said...

I've gotten really good at extricating myself from bad dates:

"I'm sorry, I have to go -- I didn't sleep well last night, and I'm REALLY tired".

"I have to get home by 10 pm for a phone meeting with someone in Hong Kong".

"My cousin is flying in from California, and I have to be there to meet her at my place". (never actually used this last one, but it sounds good)

Even better, something that will hopefully turn them off -- like any mention of stomach queasiness.

Anonymous said...

He is probably so eager because so few women will go out with him. Indeed -- this was the highlight of his year!

Regarding "nice" -- is it nice to stay until the date reaches its natural conclusion, or is it nice to extricate yourself early and not waste everybody's time? I lean toward the latter.

But I myself got to the point with this process that I would arrange only the briefest of meetings, because even sitting through a cup of coffee was intolerable. If he ordered the jumbo size, I would brace myself.


Yikes... I was squirming and uncomfortable for you just reading about it. Better luck with the next one girl.

Amishav said...

Indeed there are two types of dorky- cute and unbearable- sorry that you ran into the latter type. Still its good to be able to cross one off the list- I hope it gets shorter and sweeter.

acaligurl said...

i wonder if he knows he is dorky?