Monday, May 28, 2007

Thank you to LV for pointing out this latest Jdate absurdity.

On the Jdate homepage, before you login, there's a slideshow of pictures promising "The Chemistry," "The Relationships," "The Energy." You should be able to see it at

But just for kicks, let's look at "The Energy" now:

Can't you just picture the captions? "Yeah!!" "You!" "Hooray!" "Whee!" Energy, indeed.

A lovely Memorial Day is planned with friends, beer, and outdoor activity.

What's that you say?
Yeah! You! Hooray! Whee!

Oh, I'm feeling the energy. Pure Energy. Now come on, folks.
I wanna know. What you're thinking. There are some things you can't hide. I wanna know. What you're feeling. Tell me what's on your mind! Pure Energy.

--Cute Jewess


Loverville said...

You know what? I think the girl in the pic on the far right isn't feeling The Energy.

She's the one thinking, "I can't believe how fucking absurd this is -- I'm a married Episcopalian woman from Greenwich, and this photographer is trying to get me jazzed about this overpriced website? Eh -- a gig's a gig...".

Thanks for the shout-out!

Heather said...

if life were only that simple!

e.b. said...

It makes it look like a cult - a creepy cult!

Keith said...

@loverville: She's not married, she's not an Episcopalian... those are actual JDate subscribers here in Los Angeles, I remember when they put out the call for people for their ad campaign. And I've seen her on the site as well.

The guys, on the other hand, look cheesier & in more need of acting lessons than the women do.

Loverville said...

Keith: if that's the case, OK, I stand corrected!

I still don't think she's feeling The Energy... whereas the guy behind her has a bit TOO much.

Sanani said...

Uh... is the redhead available? :-)

Keith said...

@sanani: I called dibs on her a while ago, sorry. :D

Cute Jewess said...

Gentlemen, she looks like she has enough Energy! for the both of you :)

acaligurl said...

cheesy picture!