Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Yesterday, it became obvious to me that SS likes me. He enjoys my company. He's looking forward to seeing me again. I was not crazy when I thought we both had fun on our dates. And yet...well...I'm not sure he's ever going to call or email me as much as I'd like. And by "as much" trust me, I don't expect a lot. I talked about him with the Shrink, and Shrink says he, too, thinks that SS is interested. But he's shy, and kind of a loner. He doesn't seem to be someone who enters relationships easily--or even perhaps comfortably. So, this I know now. And we'll see what happens when I see SS again.

Hottie2 wound up behaving like a dick by canceling our date for a third time with little or no notice. With the first two? He called and offered what seemed like sincere regret and apologies. I thought for sure he wouldn't cancel this time. But he did. By text. I have not texted back. If he calls with a really good excuse, I will not be unreasonable. But nuh-uh, homey. You don't get to text a quick "sorry" and expect me to reply to that bullhooey.

Hottie1 has not gotten in touch since our lovely phone conversation the other night. He seemed interested--but he also seems really busy. So far I really like this guy. We have a lot in common, and he plays it straight. I will hope he gets in touch again. And if I don't hear from him in a week or so, I would feel comfortable emailing him.

There are a few more guys on the horizon. But I'm not sure yet if they merit mentions! We'll see.

--Cute Jewess


acaligurl said...

dump hottie2! if you are not willing to do that, then put him on the back burner. he got a "better offer" or he is lame. either way a man with no respect , common courtesy and integity is not for cute j.!
so there.

jgo said...

Sounds like hes one of those hotties who knows it and is full of himself.... NEXT!

What have been his THREE date cancel excuses so far.

I had to cancel a first date this week. I did it by calling the girl and asking to reschedule. And I did it five days in advance of the date. Why do people lack basic courtesy?

doctorsquared said...

I'm with acaligurl. Get rid of Hottie2, because it doesn't matter how hot he is if he's a total flake and doesn't respect you! Canceling 3 times? Totally not okay. CJ deserves better than that :). Boys are so dumb.

Sanani said...

H2 sounds like a douchebag. Three canceled dates is a definite "Next," in my opinion, unless you just want to sleep with him.

Re: SS, I know I sound like a broken record, but it really seems like he's an avoidant personality. That is, he may be a loner but part of him probably isn't happy about it. (Why else would he be on JDate or ask you on a date in the first place?) If you're feeling really frustrated, you might want to try telling him you like him but you're going to need a little more attention. That way, you can find out if he's emotionally stunted or just shy.

Heather said...

a text, holy cow, the CHUTZPAH!!!! ICK!

Any plans to see SS again?