Wednesday, May 02, 2007

SS is supposed to get in touch in the next "day or two" to schedule our next date. "Day" being today, and "two" being tomorrow. So I'm waiting again. But this time, kind of excitedly. I'm looking forward to seeing him again. I may even get to finally crack out the Magic Dress I was going to wear wayyy back for our second date. I'm seeing LV again Friday for a party she invited me to. I will be wearing the Magic Dress. I'll get her objective opinion on whether it's as flattering as I hope. I think SS will like it. I know I like it.

Last night RH and I found a new local bar to love. Yay for that! RH and I have started hanging out more again, and we're having a ton of fun together. The crowd at this bar skews a bit young, but I noticed a couple hot-ish guys in suits grabbing a beer as well. RH and I vowed to sit in a more social area next time. If nothing else, it's always good to make friends with the bartenders--aka the free-drink-givers. Cute Jewess is very good at making bartender friends.

Hottie2 texted to reschedule our date. He still has not called, nor specified any excuse for canceling. I simply texted back "Have plans." Dude: be a person and call me. Or else, well, that's the end of that. You are very attractive, I give you that. But you were kind of boring on the phone. Also, it seems, not too considerate.

Hmmm. A cutie I emailed on Jdate earlier today just emailed back. That makes 4 guys I'm juggling right now--including SS but not Hottie2, and not counting a "maybe" I'm thinking about dropping.

I'll admit: I truly prefer dealing with 4 guys than 11, as I was in February. I'm just one gal!

--Cute Jewess


Anonymous said...

what?! girl, can ya share with the rest of us? lol.

way to go! :)

a&v said...

Yowza, 11 is too much. February must've been a hoppin' month! I love that you gave Hottie2 the brush-off. Hate it when hot guys try to rest on their hot laurels!

Single Girl said...

Yeah, Hottie 2 really needs to call you if he wants to go out with you. Texting is fine for some things, but not cancelling and setting up dates, that's not okay! Glad you are sticking to your guns with him!

Loverville said...

Looking forward to Friday... sounds like this party is going to be fun!

As far as juggling multiple guys... I'll sometimes juggle up to 7 or 8 (only when we're still in e-mail/ haven't-met-yet mode). You never know when they're going to drop off the face of the earth, sadly.

e.b. said...

Sounds like things are on an upswing over there.